• Rucha Kolte

Eco-Pen won 99 Problem Pitch Competition organized by The Forge Hamilton, Ontario

In November 2018, Eco-Pen got selected to pitch in 99 Problem Pitch Competition. This competition was organized by The Forge@McMaster University. Forge is the local incubator for McMaster University.

Rucha and Ali pitched at the competition and won first place. They are both graduate students at W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology and Eco-Pen is their Masters of Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation's Project. Eco-Pen is the answer to plastic waste pollution created by plastic pens. This pen is made up of rolled paper with seeds at the end. Upon disposal, the pen grows into a plant. 

The judges were quite impressed by the articulation of the problem, and description of problem-solution fit. The team also won a monetary prize of $1500. Rucha and Ali expressed their interest in continuing the project and invest the amount in developing further prototype of Eco-Pen.

Rucha and Ali after winning the Forge 99 Problem Pitch competition

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