• Rucha Kolte

EcoP won the Award of Merit at Innovation Nation Conference 2019

On Sunday, January 20th, 2019, Eco-Pen participated in Student Showcase competition. The showcase focused on Innovation that is making a significant impact on the Canadian community. Leaders and Innovators representing multiple fields from all over Canada participated in the conference and shared their ideas. Speakers share inspirational stories on how innovation serves as a creative spark in diverse fields.

By popular vote, EcoP won the Award of Merit for the innovation of Eco-Pen. This small yet effective product inspired many to rethink the way they use products in everyday life. Talking and advocating about sustainability is one thing, actually embedding sustainability in one’s life is a whole different story. After all “charity begins at home”..

For Team EcoP, it is a big win to see innovators appreciating their efforts in creating some real difference. They were quick to give feedback on the product and shared some other ideas on future product lines. The team is humbled by the feedback and grateful for the opportunity to showcase their product.

For more details, please visit the Innovation nation website at :

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