• Rucha Kolte

EcoP participates at Healthy Eco-Fair 2019

St. Marguerite d'Youville Catholic Elementary School organized Healthy Eco-Fair 2019. Such initiatives led by the school staff and partners within the Hamilton Community promotes sustainability. Being green is a part of the school's culture. In 2019, Healthy Eco-Fair was organized in the school’s gymnasium and community partners from all over the city participated with their education booths.

EcoP is proud to be one of the participating organizations. We introduced Eco-Pencil and Eco-Schoolkits at the fair. These pencils are made up of newspaper waste with seeds at the end. After use, one can dispose the 100% biodegradable pencil into the soil, which will then germinate into flowers, plants and trees.

To become sustainable in the near future, EcoP believes that one of the key components is to instil sustainability as our collective responsibility in the minds of young kids. These children would be leading our planet out of environment chaos in the near future and literally saving the planet one day. Hence, it is important to teach them about being responsibly green. The Eco-Fair invited guests and provided them a platform to discuss sustainable practices that not only kids but adults can incorporate into their daily lives.

City Councillor, Esther Pauls, met Team EcoP and showed full support in our mission to replace plastic products with plantable eco-alternatives. She thinks that environmental friendly eco-schoolkits is something kids should posses. Team EcoP is grateful for her support and enthusiasm for sustainability.

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