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EcoP Launches on Mother’s Day with its flagship product Eco-Pen

EcoP Inc. launches its  first product, called Eco-Pen, on the occasion of Mother's Day on May 12th, 2019. The launch was an immediate hit and they were covered by local media channels.  This pen not only eliminates toxic waste and has net-positive impact on the environment. This pen body is made up of recycled paper. Additionally, it has plant seeds included as a part of the engineering design for the pen construction. Upon disposal, the user plants the pen in the soil allowing it to germinate & grow into flowers and blossom one's garden.

Canada is a country where people are empowered enough to understand their collective responsibility to be mindful of the plastic pollution we are creating due to need less consumption of plastic material. Plastic pollution created by pen, for instance, have never been taken seriously. Products like pens may look small and insignificant in size, collectively the impact they have on the environment is huge.  Since the 1950s, more than 100 billion disposable plastic pens have been sold, that is equivalent of selling almost 47 pens per second for the last 67 years. These pens are made from the non-biodegradable petroleum based plastics. These plastic pens may look small in size but the mountains of pens that end up in the landfill creates a huge problem due to the toxic waste leached from the materials as they degrade


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