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EcoP as Finalist for FedEx Small Business Contest

The FedEx Small Business Grant Contest is a grant program by FedEx to award ten Canadian small businesses with grants up to $30,000  and industry expertise support. EcoP participated in the contest. We are glad to announce that out of 1993 business that applied for the contest, EcoP has been selected in the top 75 finalists. More than 270k votes were casted for the competition in total. This is a huge achievement for EcoP. This is also a big win for Canadians as a society where we understand how crucial it is to support startups that focuses on sustainability.

EcoP as Finalist for FedEx Small Business Competition

EcoP is a social startup from Hamilton, Ontario that  is developing alternatives to plastic based promotional products. Our first product is called the Eco-Pen. This pen body is made up of recycled paper. Additionally, it has plant seeds included as a part of the engineering design for the pen construction. Upon disposal, the user plants the pen in the soil allowing it to germinate & grow into flowers and blossom one's garden. Other products include, Eco-Pencils made up of newspaper waster with seeds at the end, Eco-bags made up of jute bags, plantable cards and notebooks.

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