• Rucha Kolte

Eco-Pen Startup Begins to Blossom at W Booth School, McMaster University

The entrepreneurial journey began in 2017, when Rucha Kolte was trying to find a solution for the plastic pollution. She has researched on the problem for quite some while and have not found any alternatives for plastic promotional products in the market. So she came up with the idea of Eco-Pen. Eco-Pen is a creative solution to the problem, where the Pen is made up of recycled paper rolled up as the pen’s body. The pen is designed keeping Cradle-to-Cradle cycle in mind and have seeds at the end of the pen. After using the pen, the user can dispose the pen in soil and a plant would grow from it.

Rucha saw her program, Masters of Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation, as an opportunity to develop this idea into reality. Her journey to act against the chaotic plastic pollution and campaigning the use of eco-friendly alternatives has transformed her understanding of sustainability. Rucha and Ali took the course at McMaster University that was instrumental in shaping their ideas for the product design.

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